6 weeks to the birth plan you need.

Navigating the maternal health system is not an easy undertaking.

Birth Magic is a 6 week virtual planning experience that  guides you in understanding the choices you have during your labour and birth to discover your priority desires and needs. Using evidence-informed materials, delivered with honesty and humour, you will craft a birth care plan that calms your anxiety and leaves you feeling prepared for birth. 

So you can get back to living your pregnancy.

I have given birth 4 times. Each one more different than thelast. It wasn't until my birth in 2019 that I felt like I had really figured it out. I felt good going into it and even better at the end. And I now know what made it so different than the others.

I created a birth [care] plan. And I made sure people knew about it and what would happen if it was not respected.

Let’s discover the possibility of a powerful birth story.

Craft a birth care plan that calms your anxiety and leaves you feeling prepared to give birth.

So you can get back to experiencing your pregnancy. And taking all of the bump pics.

In Birth Magic we will cover:
  • Physical process of birth
  • Choice, body autonomy, and birth
  • Induction, due dates, and what you can do 
  • Cervical check + personal boundaries  
  • Monitoring your labour
  • Eating, drinking, and IV access 

Birth Magic is for you if can raise your hand to any of these:

  • First time parents
  • Wanting to heal from a bad birth
  • A surrogate 
  • Intended parents
  • Any birth support person
  • Nurses + Nursing Students

Birth Magic

Understand your choices.
Harness your power.
Create a birth experience full of possibility.

Emily Edwards BScN

I'm the vision + human behind The Good Birth Co., an online space that provides full-spectrum, inclusive pregnancy, birth, and postpartum support.
I am a birth planning and story expert. I help people create or understand their birth experience. 
I want everyone to know the power and possibility of a transformational birth story.